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The Pouliquen Group, over a century of quality

Pouliquen is a major French player in the wholesale trade of traditional shallots and fresh vegetables. Established over a century ago, the company has an in-depth knowledge of its products, their characteristics and the markets concerned. We ensure our customers receive a very high level of quality, both in terms of product and service.


Packing and packaging: customised solutions

The products we market are all produced by Prince de Bretagne market gardeners. Some are packed at the central facility and others directly at our warehouse. This is the case for shallots, Brittany pink onions and Roscoff onions PDO. We provide a wide range of packaging solutions, from 250 g and 500 g nets to bulk quantities of 5 kg, 20 kg and even big bags.

We can also pack products with your brand name.


Our certifications: quality and traceability

Pouliquen has obtained various certifications attesting to its reliability and guaranteeing the quality and traceability of its products. Pouliquen is Global gap and FDA certified. Our entire range of fresh organic vegetables is Ecocert certified.

Eco Cert


Transport and logistics: expertise and responsive

Today, Pouliquen is present in over 20 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia.
Our supply lines allow us to deliver in the shortest possible time, from mixed pallets to full truckloads, all year round.
Our experienced, multilingual sales team has extensive product and market knowledge. They will always find the solution that satisfies your requirements.

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Our partners

More than just suppliers, the producers we work with are our partners. They are all members of cooperatives affiliated with the Prince de Bretagne brand and are driven by a constant desire to innovate.

The relationship of trust we maintain allows us to meet the expectations of our customers and to move forward together on production projects. Together, we identify the right price for them and for our customers.

Their farms are located in the vegetable-growing area known as the “golden belt”. This area lies along the coast of Northern Brittany, from North Finistère to the Saint Malo region. Close to the sea, the area has a temperate climate with constant humidity. The fertile soils are rich in organic matter. These unique conditions allow market garden vegetables to be cultivated all year round.


Pouliquen, official distributor of Prince de Bretagne

We exclusively distribute fresh vegetables produced by Prince de Bretagne. The specifications defined by the brand and the reliability of its market gardeners ensure the premium quality of all our vegetables.