Eva, assistante administrative chez Pouliquen, négociant de légumes frais. Cléder, Bretagne - février 2024

Eva, our ace administrative assistant

It was rather by chance that Eva joined the company last October. Although she’d originally pictured working in the social services sector, today she’s an administrative assistant whose tasks include order entry, traceability monitoring, and assisting with accounting. These responsibilities are quite different from her initial training, but Eva’s enjoying learning the ins and outs of her new role alongside Emmanuelle and Hélène, who have become her instructors.
How did Eva come to join the Pouliquen team? What does she think about her new career? Find out more in this article.

A sizeable step from the social services sector to fresh vegetable distribution

This change of career path might appear radical. However, it’s the result of careful reflection on the part of Eva, who’s just turned 23. After completing a technical diploma in Health and Social Sector Service Provision in central Brittany, Eva began studying at a school for social care providers. Her leitmotif was human relations. However, from the very beginning of her studies, she found herself having to work on weekends and during the holidays to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this exhausting schedule makes success difficult for the students who are obliged to follow it.
“It’s a difficult schedule. I didn’t have enough time for my studies, and I didn’t have a social life either, lacking both the time and the means.” During the course of the year, Eva decided to leave school and find work.

A job application as spontaneous as the applicant

Once she’d made her decision, Eva sent her CV “everywhere” in the hope of quickly finding a job. “There aren’t any openings in the social services sector. There’s no room at the Central Social Activities Fund or at local centres.” Eva began doing temporary jobs, working at the CAF (family allowance fund) and in vegetable packing.
“I applied for a packing job at Pouliquen. Gérard (editor’s note: Gérard Quillévéré, the company Director) called me back the same day and offered me a position working 80% in the office and 20% in packing.” Surprised and happy, after having met with many rejected applications, Eva began work at Pouliquen a few days later.

Giving people a chance

At Pouliquen, we believe that a job applicant’s personality and motivation can make up for an initial lack of experience and training. Hiring Eva has proved us right. Since she arrived, Eva has been managed and trained by Emmanuelle, our senior salesperson, and Hélène, our administrative and financial manager. Her basic understanding of administrative and HR management together with her on-the-job training have helped her to quickly achieve independence in carrying out the tasks assigned to her, including traceability monitoring, order entry, invoicing, assisting with monitoring packaging stocks, and ordering supplies and uniforms.

No regrets

Eva is completely satisfied with her new career. “I never imagined that I’d enjoy working in sales and administration so much. But a lot of my work deals with human relations, and there’s a wide variety of tasks. It’s always changing: no two days are alike. And now, I have a stable, interesting job, a salary, and a comfortable lifestyle.” Nowadays, Eva has time to spend with friends, the means to enjoy different activities, and even some travel plans. As for us, we’re thrilled to have been able to provide this energetic young woman with not only a good work-life balance, but also a career that she enjoys and prospects of professional development.

On behalf of the entire Pouliquen team: bravo Eva, for your commitment and integration into the company!

Eva, assistante administrative chez Pouliquen, Cléder, février 2024