New – Pouliquen packs traditional organic shallots

Announced a few months ago, our packaging activity for traditional organic shallots has now been launched. The building extension built to accommodate this new activity at the company’s headquarters in Cléder (29) is now occupied by the machines and the dedicated team. This new range is aimed at both the French and export markets. The first orders have already been shipped.

Making organic products accessible to as many people as possible

“Our objective is to make the price of traditional organic shallots accessible to as many consumers as possible. Just because a product is organic doesn’t mean that it has to be three times more expensive than a conventionally produced product. The price difference between traditional organic and conventional shallots is justified by the higher production cost of organic. The price difference should therefore be limited to this difference alone. This new activity is also a way for us to support organic producers.

Gérard Quillévéré, co-director of Pouliquen company

Two packaging formats offered

We offer traditional organic shallots in two packaging formats: braid and net.
The 350 gram braid is exclusive to Pouliquen. This format makes it possible to offer a top-of-the-range product, which the consumer will enjoy buying and keeping in his kitchen. The 350 gram weight allows us to offer a traditional organic shallot braid in the same price range as the 500 gram conventional braid.
The second format offered is the 250 gram net, which meets the general expectations of the market.

Eco-friendly packaging for traditional organic shallots

Our traditional organic shallot braid is made with bamboo stakes and flax thread, all of which is 100% compostable. The net is made from wood cellulose. 
The labels of these two references are made of raw paper, 100% recyclable.
This eco-responsible packaging makes it possible to propose a coherent global offer, which meets the expectations of consumers of organic products and, above all, the current environmental imperatives.

Packaging of organic alliums, a complementary activity

This new packaging activity is completely independent of the first and requires additional resources. The volume of conventional packaging, as well as the preparation times, will remain unchanged.
1500 tons of traditional organic shallots are produced each year by Prince de Bretagne producers. With this new range, we confirm our support for producers, both conventional and organic.

Our organic shallot braid