Clotilde, collaboratrice conditionnement et qualité chez Pouliquen, négociant d'échalotes de Bretagne et d'oignons.

Portrait – Clotilde, from packaging to traceability

Clotilde, a young woman in her (almost) thirties, joined the Pouliquen team nearly three years ago, after an initial career in the catering sector. Initially recruited to pack shallots and onions, Clotilde now also works in sorting, supervises the machines and also carries out operational traceability tasks, in coordination with Loïc, our quality manager. Find out more about Clotilde, whose smile and good humour are as much appreciated in the company as her commitment and seriousness.

Versatility, the key word

When we ask Clotilde what she does, she says “Wow, that’s a lot”. And with good reason: Clotilde was recruited in autumn 2021 to take up a position packaging shallots and onions. Very quickly, she also became involved in sorting alliums, a phase upstream of packaging that aims to remove all damaged alliums and field residues that may have remained despite the previous sorting stages (soil, small stones). She then started work on the machines. “The aim is to keep the lines running: checking the stock of labels, nets and strips, making sure the packets of shallots and onions are the right weight…”. She now stands in for Jean-Marc Velly and Mickaël when they are away.
More recently, Loïc, our quality manager, has also given her responsibility for quality management. 
This versatility suits Clotilde very well. “I enjoy the variety of my tasks. The different tasks I’m given mean I get to work with everyone, so it’s good not to always be with the same person. Pouliquen is a small company (around 30 employees – Editor’s note), so we don’t have a fixed job. I do completely different things. That’s cool.

Valuable support in monitoring quality and traceability

Clotilde carries out a lot of operational tasks in quality: registration, cleaning, tidying, foreign body detection, weight data. She monitors and records a lot of handwritten data, freeing up our quality manager’s time to concentrate on other tasks. These are simple but important tasks. 
In the near future, Clotilde will be taking HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) training, so that she can continue to develop her skills in quality management. Over time, she will be given other increasingly interesting assignments.
“Clotilde is motivated. She’s already in production, so she already knows the procedure.
 She knows her way around simple computer programmes like Word and Excel. And withher experience in catering, she already knows about food safety. Clotilde’s position is invaluable to the company and interesting for her.

Loïc Gautier, Quality Manager at Pouliquen

A career in the kitchen

Before joining the Pouliquen team, Clotilde worked for several years in the catering industry, in the kitchen. Between traditional catering and cooking for ferries, Clotilde developed her skills in a job she was passionate about. “I love cooking. I love pleasing people and sharing. I still cook a lot today”. 
It was the birth of her son, Léo, in 2020, that made her leave the stoves. At the same time, the Covid crisis and the closure of restaurants led her to discover other activities and, above all, to enjoy a more traditional lifestyle, better suited to her new role as a young mother. After an initial experience in the delicatessen department of a supermarket, Clotilde joined our team and has blossomed ever since.