Meet our 2021 interns, Paul and Florian

The Pouliquen Group regularly hosts interns in various departments. Internships provide the company with opportunities to look outward and contribute to training future professionals. This year, the company welcomed two students: Florian in management control and Paul in sales. Two students with very different career paths, but a common desire to learn.

Florian : management control and business management optimisation 

Originally from Bordeaux, Florian braved the Breton drizzle to come and work at Pouliquen. As he is studying at the Lille School of Management in the north of France, he had already had a chance to get used to cooler temperatures! His internship in the accounting department under the supervision of Severine Malherbe will last for almost 4 months. His goal is to create a digital interface that will optimise the company’s profitability in terms of its two activities, trading and packing. Since the beginning of his internship, he has been working to identify costs and build a matrix that will later be digitised. This new tool will be rolled out along with new ERP software, and will simplify business management. When asked about what he likes about his internship, Florian emphasised the independence he is given by director Gérard Quillévéré and by his supervisor:

“I’m not restricted to a single task. I have a main objective, but over time I might be given other jobs to do, and I can also suggest projects. Gérard is always willing to give me advice, without making me feel like I’m being monitored.”


Paul : fresh vegetable sales and trading 

Another department, another career path: Paul has just finished the sales internship for his DUT technical diploma in Marketing Techniques. During his 4 weeks at Pouliquen, he was supervised by Emmanuelle Bosser, the sales representative for northern Europe and Germany. Although he is only in the second year of his diploma, Paul already possesses many skills, including mastery of German. As his father is German, Paul is bilingual and can easily speak with customers on a wide range of subjects. Paul is from the vegetable-producing Léon region of northern Brittany and would like to work in fruit and vegetable sales.

During his 4-week internship, Paul worked on sales tasks such as auction monitoring, order entry, and marketing. He also spent time in packing and order preparation. This experience provided him with a clear picture of the sector in which he would like to work.

“There’s a good atmosphere at Pouliquen. Everyone took the time to explain what I needed to know, in sales as well as in packing. It was easy to become part of the team. The company offered me a temporary position replacing Emmanuelle during her holidays this summer, and I accepted! This will allow me to improve my sales skills.”


Understanding the company : an essential ingredient in a successful internship

All the interns who come to work at the Pouliquen Group start with a week of learning about the company. Whatever their level of education or their subject of study, they spend their first 5 days working in the company’s various departments. This helps them understand everyone’s role, whether it be in sorting, packing or logistics. Before joining their respective departments, Paul and Florian both took part in this initiation. “It helped me to understand the processes and meet the whole staff,” says Florian.

The Pouliquen Group doesn’t advertise internships, but if you are a student and wish to learn more about the fruit and vegetable trading or packing business, we invite you to get in touch.

Florian: management control and business management optimisation internship
Paul: fresh vegetable sales and trading internship