Pouliquen partenaire de la 4e édition du Championnat du monde d'arrachage d'échalotes

Pouliquen, partner of the shallot-pulling world championship

In the unusual championships category, we ask… The shallot-pulling championship! The 4th edition of this competition was held last Saturday, 8 July, in Plounevez-Lochrist, a few kilometres from our company (29). Since the first edition, Pouliquen has been a partner of this event, which serves as a reminder, not without humour, that shallot-growing is part of our regional heritage and traditions. To mark the occasion, Pouliquen has created exclusive packaging to distribute the 6 tonnes of shallots harvested during the championship.

To win: speed and efficiency

On Saturday, each shallot puller (male/female) was given the task of getting to the end of their ‘plank’ as quickly as possible, over a 100m course. Kneeling, standing, on the side: all techniques were accepted, with quality and speed of execution being the selection criteria checked by a panel of local producers. At the last edition, in 2018, the record was 13’21”. This year, Florian Le Jeune is the world champion, with a time of 13’47.

The traditional shallot grown in Brittany since the 17th century 

Pouliquen has been an official partner of this championship since it was first held… Improbable and symbolic. “The cultivation of traditional shallots is an integral part of the identity of our region, our culture and our heritage. This world championship may be a laughing matter, but it does remind us of one fact: northern Brittany is historically the land where traditional shallots are grown. It’s a land where know-how, experience and rigour come together, enabling us to offer our customers products of the very highest quality”. Gérard Quillévéré, Director of SAS Pouliquen.
Plounévez-Lochrist alone has 70 farms growing traditional shallots. Every year, many young people from the area come to lend a hand with planting and harvesting, helping to perpetuate the tradition.

Exclusive packaging

To mark the world championship, Pouliquen has created exclusive packaging to distribute the 6 tonnes of shallots harvested during the championship in 250g nets. An initial sale was also held at the venue last Saturday. All profits from this operation will be donated to the association Une oasis contre la sclérose en plaque (An oasis against multiple sclerosis), supported this year by the organisers of the festivities. The other prizes will be offered for sale to Pouliquen’s customers this week.
Shallot fillet created for the 4th World Traditional Shallot Harvesting Championship
Stand-Pouliquen-filets-echalotes-Campionato del mondo-arracahe-echalotes-2023.
Pouliquen shallot fillet stand at the World Shallot Harvesting Championship