Organic traditionnal shallots


The Pouliquen Group is the European leader in the distribution of traditional shallots. We favour the traditional shallot for its flavour and its cultivation method (planted and harvested by hand), the latter guaranteeing a high level of quality. This shallot has an elongated shape and a firm, shiny and dry texture. Composed of several bulbs, it has a series of circular “skins” which come apart when they are cut. A traditional shallot can be distinguished from a seed shallot by the scar at the base, which is a sign of its cultivation method.

Cultivating organic traditional shallots

Since the seventeenth century traditional shallots have been cultivated entirely by hand, from planting to harvesting. The bulbs are planted in winter, in February and March. One bulb yields a clump of around ten shallots which are harvested in June and July. After a time drying in the field, the shallots are stored in pallet boxes (in bulk) in ventilated or cold rooms. The traditional shallot can be sold all year round.

Our organic producers

The traditional shallot takes its name from the cultivation method used – vegetative propagation – which has not changed since it was adopted by Breton farmers in the seventeenth century. Our producers, members of the SICA (Finistère) and Maraîchers d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor) agricultural cooperatives (Prince de Bretagne), have acquired and developed their expertise over generations. The soil and climate of Northern Brittany, where the organic traditional shallots are grown, produce an excellent product quality, all year round.

Pouliquen works with 151 Breton producers for its entire organic product range. Their vegetables are AB and Global GAP certified.


Production in 2022:

Organic traditional shallot: 2,100 tonnes

Types of packing:

Available sizes for the 2020-21 season: 20-40 / 30-50

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Sales Unit / Box

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