A new building for Pouliquen modernity and quality

This spring 2021, Pouliquen is moving one step further in its development, with the completion of a new building in Cléder (Finistère – 29).

This construction was driven by the need to meet the new quality specifications, also guided by a desire for the company to offer better working conditions to its employees. The company now has 300 m² of offices and 2,200 m² of production area. A special unit of 500 m² was also created for the packaging of shallots and organic vegetables.

A look back at the history of Pouliquen

Created in 1917, Pouliquen was a family business for three generations. In 2002, Gérard Quillévéré, the current manager, joined the company which is part of the Demex group. Back then, Pouliquen only worked with traditional shallots and sold 3,400 tons a year. In 2003, the company widened its range to other vegetables (cabbage, artichokes, tomatoes, older vegetables…). Then, in 2006, a major shift was made with the automation of the production and the development of packaging in 250g and 500g.

In 2018, Gérard Quillevéré, manager for over 15 years, bought the company and partnered up with Pascal Jaouen, who specializes in large-scale export.

In 2020, Pouliquen sold 10,000 tons of traditional shallot and vegetables.

Why this warehouse ?

1- Increase the employees confort

The last major work on the Pouliquen warehouse have been made in 1997. Moreover, if the company had 17 employees in 2003, there are now 25 people in the different departments (purchasing, production, sales, logistics, quality…). It therefore became urgent to renovate, in order to offer better working conditions to its employees

2- To limit the hardship work

These works are also intended to limit the hardship at work for the employees at the production. The company has indeed equipped itself of a new palletizing robot who reducing the carrying of heavy loads. This allows to preserve the health of the employees, to limit work stoppages and to guarantee a service of quality throughout the year, and the comfort of the teams as well

3- To meet the new quality specifications

This new warehouse allows to meet the news the requirements of the IFS and Global Gap Broker certifications. Pouliquen ensures traceability and food safety to its clients

4- A warehouse for the organic products

In the new warehouse, 500 m² are created for the packaging of organic vegetables. The purpose of this building is to meet the double demand:  from consumers who choose more and more for organic products, and from the Prince de Bretagne producers who are increasingly converting to organic productions each year. It became necessary to have a dedicated warehouse to ensure the trading of the organic vegetables and to allow the development of a dedicated range.

Pouliquen, a reliable and solid company

Pouliquen was able to grow over the past decades in order to follow market evolutions, as well as customer expectations. Present in France for over a century, Pouliquen guarantees to many Prince de Bretagne producers the marketing of their vegetables, thus the perpetuation of their agricultural activities. By relying on quality and mutual trust, the company ensures the development of the land while meeting its clients’ most stringent requirements. . More projects are coming. We will keep you informed.