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The organic novelty tomato range lives up to its name. You will discover tomato varieties of all shapes and colours. The variety of tastes and textures and, of course, the quality of these products will delight even the most demanding.

There are many organic novelty tomato varieties available:


  • The organic Ananas d’antan tomato takes its name from its special shape: when cut across its width, the slices look like pineapple (ananas in French). It differs from other tomato varieties by its ribbed appearance and its sweetness.
  • The organic Marmande d’antan tomato is a fairly early variety and an heirloom variety. It is sweet and fragrant with dense, firm flesh.
  • The organic Prune d’antan tomato has a beautiful colour, somewhere between yellow and plum.

Here are some more:

  • The organic Noire d’antan tomato is undoubtedly one of the sweetest grown by the Prince de Bretagne market gardeners. It has a sweet taste without any acidity. In the market stalls, it stands out by its colour, which ranges from purple to dark brown.
  • The organic Green d’antan tomato is a green tomato which develops yellow-green stripes when it is ripe. Its flesh melts in your mouth, and tastes distinctively sweet and spicy.
  • The organic pink tomato is very fragrant with pink, juicy flesh. Traditionally cultivated in Asia, it thrives under the Breton sun.

All of the above varieties are available as a mix in the organic “Saveurs d’antan” packs.


Seasonal availability:

The organic novelty tomatoes are available from May to September.


Our producers

Our partner producers, members of Prince de Bretagne, have a great deal of expertise in growing tomatoes. Their farms are located along the coastline of a large part of Northern Brittany. Thanks to the region’s mild climate, tomatoes can be grown in unheated greenhouses, tunnel greenhouses or outdoors.
The partner producers of the Pouliquen Group who grow tomatoes are members of the SICA, Les Maraîchers d’Armor and Terres de Saint-Malo agricultural cooperatives. All our partner market gardeners who produce organic vegetables have Ecocert and Global GAP certifications. Their vegetables are certified organic.


Organic tomato production in 2020:

Organic Saveurs d’antan tomatoes: 150 tonnes
Organic “Variétés d’antan” tomatoes: 57 tonnes


Types of packing for organic novelty tomatoes:

The Pouliquen Group can meet all your needs.

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Sales Unit



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Saveurs d’Antan

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Wood with straw 40x30x12



Variety d’Antan



3.5 kg

Wood with straw




5 kg

Wood with straw  40x30x15