Organic red kuri squash

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The organic red kuri squash belongs to the cucurbitaceae family, which includes more than 800 species. It has been cultivated in Europe since the late 1950s. It is recognisable by its pear shape and its colour ranging from orange to brick red. It has yellow flesh, and tastes soft and sweet with a pronounced chestnut flavour. Organic red kuri squash weigh 1–3 kg. Red kuri squash can be cooked in soup, as well as in a gratin, quiche or pie. The advantage of this vegetable is that it does not need to be peeled before cooking.
Red kuri squash has a higher nutritional value than pumpkin and can be stored for a long time in a cool, dry place. The length of storage time does not alter its taste or nutritional properties, quite the opposite!

Cultivating the organic red kuri squash

The red kuri squash is planted in the spring when the soil has warmed up and there is no longer a risk of frost. It is harvested by hand in September and October, when its leaves begin to dry out. Red kuri squash are harvested in bulk and then packed by the producers on their farm or in a SICA warehouse, from September to March. Red kuri squash are sold in the same period.

Our organic producers

Pouliquen works with 151 organic producers for its fresh organic vegetable range. Their products are AB and Global GAP certified.

The Pouliquen Group is loyal to its producers. More than just suppliers, they are our partners. Some partnerships go back decades, while others are more recent. All the organic red kuri squash producers we work with are members of the agricultural cooperatives SICA (Finistère) or Les Maraîchers d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor). Their products are marketed under the Prince de Bretagne brand.

Production in 2020

Organic red kuri squash in 2020: 177 tonnes

Types of packing

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Box Size (cm)

Wieght / box

No of boxes / pal 80×120

No of boxes / pal 100×120

18-22 pieces



11 kg



10-15 pieces



12 kg



6-8 pieces



12 kg