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The organic Coco de Paimpol PDO is one of the most popular fresh Breton vegetables. This white bean is sold fresh for shelling. It has an elongated shape. Its straw-yellow pod, marbled with purple, contains beautiful oval pearly white beans. The organic Coco de Paimpol PDO is tender and melts in your mouth. It is nothing like the floury texture often associated with white beans.

Coco de Paimpol AOC since 1997, then PDO

The Coco de Paimpol is the first French bean to obtain the French AOC label (controlled designation of origin). This certification attests to the geographical origin of the product, as well as its specific local taste. The AOC label also recognises the expertise of its producers who take care to scrupulously comply with the established specifications.

Cultivating the Coco de Paimpol Organic PDO

The organic Coco de Paimpol PDO is sown mechanically in the spring, in March and April. It is then harvested by hand at the end of the summer (July to September/October). This white bean is packed in bulk: unshelled in bags of 1 kg to 10 kg or shelled in 220 g trays. It is available from August to November.

Our organic producers

The organic producers of Coco de Paimpol are all located in the Côtes d’Armor department, in the north of Brittany. There are eighty-four municipalities in the Paimpol region that are recognised in the PDO specifications. These producers are members of the Les Maraîchers d’Armor cooperative and are partners of the Pouliquen Group.

All the fresh vegetables in Pouliquen’s organic range are certified organic and Global GAP.


Organic production in 2020

Organic Coco de Paimpol: 30 tonnes


Types of packing

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