Organic Romanesco

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Romanesco broccoli is both the ancestor of cauliflower and the cousin of broccoli. It is a firm, tightly grained, dense, well-filled brassica. Its head is made up of pyramid-shaped florets. Its appearance adds a decorative touch to your dish. Good looking and also very tasty, organic Romanesco broccoli is both soft and sweet. It can be eaten raw or cooked. In respect to its taste, it has hints of hazelnut and a more delicate flavour than cauliflower. Cultivated in the Rome basin (whence its name) since the Renaissance, it has been produced in Brittany since the early 1990s.

Cultivating organic Romanesco broccoli

Organic Romanesco broccoli is planted mechanically and harvested by hand by our organic partner producers. As with all Pouliquen’s brassica varieties, harvesting by hand allows the producers to select the best Romanesco broccoli heads. The heads are packed immediately after harvesting to ensure their freshness. Romanesco broccoli is a biennial vegetable, available in high season from September to November and in low season in July and August.

Our producers

Pouliquen works with 151 organic producers for its organic vegetable range. All are members of Prince de Bretagne. Our partner producers growing organic green cauliflower are members of the SICA (Finistère), Les Maraîchers d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor) and Terres de Saint-Malo (Ille et Vilaine) agricultural cooperatives.All our organic vegetables are certified organic and Global GAP.

Production in 2020

Organic Romanesco broccoli: 303,000 heads

Types of packing

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