Organic Artichokes Cardinal

  • Artichaut cardinal


The organic Cardinal artichoke is grown exclusively by Prince de Bretagne market gardeners. In fact, this variety has been marketed since 2013. The Cardinal artichoke can be identified by its purple colour, its tightly “closed” head, and less thorny leaves than those of other artichoke varieties. It has a particularly mild and sweet taste, and its heart is tender and soft.

Cultivating the organic Cardinal artichoke

Organic Cardinal artichokes are planted twice a year, in March and April and at the end of the year. Therefore, it has two harvests a year: from May to July and in September and October. The organic Cardinal artichoke is planted and harvested by hand. The heads are cut when ripe, which requires approximately eight visits to each field during harvest time. Growing artichokes is a painstaking job that requires a lot of expertise.

The Cardinal artichoke grows particularly well in the mild, humid Breton climate. Like all artichoke varieties, it likes the sun and is frost sensitive. It is therefore cultivated on the coastland of Finistère and Côtes d’Armor where frost is very rare.
Organic artichokes are harvested in bulk, in special harvest bag backpacks or with the help of trailers. The artichokes are packed by the producers on the day of harvest, to ensure a high level of quality. 
Cardinal artichokes can be stored for several days in a cool, dark and damp place. In fact, market gardeners consider that the artichoke is better consumed a few days after harvesting, even when it has started to wilt.


151 organic producers

All of the Pouliquen Group’s partner producers are members of Prince de Bretagne.
Organic Castel artichokes are supplied by 151 Ecocert certified organic producers that work with the SICA (Finistère) and Les Maraîchers d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor) cooperatives.

Organic production in 2019

Organic Cardinal Artichoke: 236 tonnes
All our organic vegetables are certified AB and Global GAP.

Types of packing:

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Weight / box

Box Size (cm)

No of boxes / pal 80×120

No of boxes / pal 100×120

24 heads

4.75 kg

Carton 43*33*15



15 heads classic

7.5 kg





13, 15, 24,30 and36 heads

About 9.5 kg