Artichaut petit violet

The organic Baby Purple artichoke

  • Artichaut petit violet


The organic Baby Purple artichoke is long and tapered. As its name suggests, it is small and has a beautiful purple-green colour. This variety is characterised by the absence of the fuzzy choke found on top of the heart in other varieties. 
The baby purple artichoke has a very delicate flavour and its heart is tender and soft. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Cultivating the organic baby purple artichoke

This variety of artichoke is native to the Mediterranean coast. In France, it was first cultivated in Provence, then in Brittany where it adapted perfectly to the soil and climate. The organic Baby Purple artichoke is sold by the head or in bunches of five heads, also known as a “poivrade”.

Like the Camus and Cardinal artichokes, organic Baby Purple artichokes are cultivated entirely by hand. They are transplanted in the spring, in April and May, and they produce two harvests each year. The first harvest is at the end of the year and the second in the spring of the following year. The producers pack the organic Baby Purple artichokes themselves, in crates of 24–54 heads.


151 organic producers

All of the Pouliquen Group’s partner producers are members of Prince de Bretagne.
Organic baby purple artichokes are supplied by 151 Ecocert certified organic producers that work with the SICA (29) and Les Maraîchers d’Armor (22) cooperatives.

The Pouliquen Group is loyal to its producers. More than just suppliers, they are our partners.


Organic production in 2020

Organic Castel Artichoke: 1,100,000 heads
All our organic vegetables are certified organic and Global GAP.


Types of packing:

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Sales Unit

Heads / box

Weight or sales unit / box

Box size (cm)

No. of boxes / pal 80×120

No. of boxes / pal 100×120

Piece heads

About 5 kg

About 4.5 kg in 54 heads

Cardboard 40*30*15



Bunch or Poivrade

12 bunch

5 heads