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Organic Brittany Pink Onion

  • oignon rose de bretagne


The organic Brittany pink onion can be identified by the pink colour of its skin and flesh. It has a mild, sweet and fruity flavour. This onion variety has a firm, shiny appearance. Under the outer skin of several layers lies the bulb which has cylindrical fleshy leaves.
This onion can be eaten raw in salads, cooked in soups, fried, or caramelised to garnish a dish. Like the Roscoff onion PDO, the organic Brittany pink onion cooks quickly and therefore better retains its nutritional properties. In addition to its appearance, this variety is noted for its natural conservation properties. These qualities have made it a driver of economic development in Northern Brittany, enabling its distribution as far afield as the United Kingdom.

Cultivating organic Brittany pink onions

This variety is produced outside the PDO geographical area. It is particularly suited to the mild, wet climate of Northern Brittany. The onions are graded and the tops removed mechanically. They are then stored in pallet boxes in ventilated or cold rooms and can be sold until the following 30 April.

Our organic Brittany pink onion producers

The organic producers growing this variety of onion are located in North Finistère and in Côtes d’Armor. They are members of the SICA and Les Maraîchers d’Armor agricultural cooperatives. Pouliquen works with 151 organic producers for its organic vegetable range. Their products are AB and Global GAP certified.

Production in 2020:

Brittany pink onion: 112 tonnes

Types of packing for the Brittany pink onion

Available sizes: 40/50 – 50/70 – 70+

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Sales Unit


Box size (cm)

No. of boxes / pal 80×120

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10 kg