Joël Quillévéré, chargé de qualité échalotes oignons - Pouliquen, Cléder (29)

Profile: Joël Quillévéré, shallot and onion quality manager

Joël Quillévéré is the latest addition to the Pouliquen team. He joined the company in early January as the shallot and onion quality manager. Though Joël’s main responsibility is to oversee allium quality from the field to the packing line, he also lends a hand in other departments. Let’s learn more about the background and responsibilities of the newest member of our team.

Hands-on knowledge: a plus for Pouliquen

Joël has first-hand knowledge of farming. The son of a farmer, he has an Advanced Agricultural Technician Certificate in Analysis, Management and Strategy for Agricultural Businesses (BTSE ACSE). For a time, he was considering taking over the family farm. In the end, he changed direction and went to work as the vegetable buyer at Cadran de Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Finistère. After four years, he moved to a position as a warehouseman at an agricultural supply firm.  At the time, companies selling agricultural supplies still had a significant advisory role. During his 15 years with the company, Joël accompanied and advised his farming clients on everything from plastic film for planting traditional shallots to phytosanitary products. Following this experience, he shifted to another advisory role in the field, becoming a technical sales agent.

“I was mainly interested in the technical aspect; sales just happened to be part of the role.”

Before coming to Pouliquen, Joël spent four years with a seed production business, where he was responsible for field management and assisting producers with seed propagation.

Managing shallot and onion quality

Joël’s main responsibility is to oversee the quality of the shallots and onions being delivered to Pouliquen for packing. He works closely with growers to ensure that the shallots they produce meet our customers’ specifications. From the field to the packing station, Joël manages shallot and onion grading. Every aspect is examined, from overall condition to germination and calibre.  This process enables an initial sorting of the produce, and complements the work which our quality manager, Loïc Gautier, has been carrying out for years. Our combined quality control processes allow us to offer our customers maximum satisfaction.

Joël: Pouliquen’s Swiss army knife

His experience and knowledge of the sector enable Joël to provide valuable assistance in other departments, particularly logistics and packing. During peak periods or holidays, Joël can assist or temporarily replace the logistics and packing managers. From time to time, he also lends a hand with shallot purchasing. When we asked Joël which aspect of his new role he prefers, he replied without hesitation.

“Everything! The diversity, the multitasking aspect. It’s never monotonous.”

Running to relax

Despite the fast pace he maintains at work, Joël doesn’t slow down in his free time. An avid runner, he trains hard to compete in various athletic events. With fifteen or so marathons under his belt, he’s now training for the Aber Wrac’h Extreme Trail run, a 57km course with a 1,100m elevation gain. This race is famous in our region and attracts competitors from all over France. So although Joël will soon be running through the fields (or at least near them), he won’t be stopping to check the quality of the shallots this time around!