Norbert Monot, preparateur de commandes de l'entreprise Pouliquen, échalotes et légumes frais de Bretagne

Profile: Norbert, key player in fresh vegetable traceability

Norbert Monot is one of Pouliquen’s newest team members. He’s an order picker, and along with the other pickers, represents the direct link between the packing stations and the company. A tall, sturdy quiet type, Norbert is known for his friendliness and energy. He’s new to the fruit and vegetable sector, is hungry to learn, and is making rapid progress. Since his arrival in August 2021, he’s become a key member of the team. Learn more about his experience, role and interests.

An unusual career path

Originally from Plouescat, Norbert worked in the building sector for a number of years, first as a carpenter and then as an electrician. He participated in the construction of many retail buildings throughout France. After a fall from a ladder left him with knee problems, Norbert was obliged to make a change of profession. He got a CACES (heavy equipment operator) licence and found employment—rather by chance—in the fresh vegetable sector. After working for another company in the region, he joined the Pouliquen team as an order picker in August 2021.

Traceability: the heart of his role

Over time, Norbert has become an experienced order picker and quality checker. His responsibilities consist of checking the quality of fresh vegetable pallets at Prince de Bretagne packing stations in Côtes-d’Armor. He also prepares pallets, labels them, and adds the required documents, ensuring 100% traceability. In addition, he helps to load trucks headed to destinations in France, Italy, Poland, and elsewhere.
Quality checking is a key stage for Norbert. He carefully examines each pallet, loosening its wrapping to ensure its good condition. If he discovers a non-conformance, he immediately notifies the packing station controllers to ensure the problem is dealt with efficiently.
Traceability is given equal attention. Norbert photographs the identification scan code of each pallet and sends this information to Pouliquen’s administrative department. This guarantees customers a high level of quality and makes it possible to react quickly if a non-conformance is detected.

Cohesion and team spirit: necessary qualities for Norbert

Norbert works mainly with Pierre-Yves and David, order pickers for the Finistère zone, as well as Denis, the sales representative responsible for monitoring at the Saint-Malo packing station.
He intervenes at the four Prince de Bretagne packing stations in the Côtes-d’Armor, where he checks quality and picks orders. There’s no risk of falling into a rut in his role: every day is different, which suits Norbert.

“I work with people who understand this profession and enjoy what they do. There’s a good atmosphere, and a really cohesive team. Gérard is the boss, but he’s available and he listens. And he also gives us the independence to manage our own tasks.”

A passion for pétanque and family life

In his free time, Norbert is the captain of Pétanque Club Léonard, the Saint-Pol-de-Léon (29) boules team. He regularly takes part in team championships ranging from singles to triples. For him, pétanque is first and foremost a mental exercise, and each game is completely different.

“Pétanque is 80% your mind; the rest is your arm.”

The sport has been part of his life for more than 15 years. Besides competing, he enjoys spending time with his family, which will acquire a new member at the end of October, when a little brother or sister is due to arrive.

Norbert is a friendly, energetic and dependable colleague. His key role in fresh vegetable traceability guarantees top-level quality to Pouliquen’s clients and partners. Perhaps you’ll make his acquaintance on your next visit!