Chaine de conditionnement échalote pouliquen

The Pouliquen team is growing!

This September, Pouliquen welcomes 2 new employees. The company has hired 6 additional staff members since June, in part to replace an employee who retired, but also to meet a significant increase in activity. Meet our new colleagues, who have joined Pouliquen’s production, packing, and order preparation departments!

Seven new colleagues

Let’s begin with Norbert, who has joined the vegetable order preparation department. He works alongside logistics and order preparation manager Pierre-Yves, who has been with the company for 18 years. Together, they prepare orders and manage organisation and logistics. Norbert has several years of experience in the fresh vegetable sector, which is a definite plus for Pouliquen.

Alain has joined our packing department, forming a two-man team with… Alain! This could be interesting… These two Alains work at the Lanveur site located just a few kilometres away from our head office. “New” Alain has a solid understanding of mechanics, and can do just about anything with machines. These skills are a welcome addition to the company.


In our production department, we’ve welcomed 4 new team members: Marina, Samantha, Céline and Christophe. Each of these new recruits is partnered by a more experienced employee who can help them get to grips with the ins and outs of each role and lend them a hand when necessary. This buddy system helps new employees integrate into the team, and favours the exchange of skills and ideas.

Along with these 6 new employees, Pouliquen has also welcomed Jordan, who will work with us from July to December 2021. Although he’s new here, he is very familiar with the company, as his uncle and mother have worked for Pouliquen for many years now. His grandmother, Michèle, left Pouliquen last spring after 13 years to enjoy a well-earned retirement.


Staff loyalty ensures high-quality products and services

Pouliquen makes a point of hiring locally, reflecting our commitment to our region’s employment opportunities and perspectives. Besides this policy of choosing to recruit people who live and work in northern Finistère, the company encourages staff loyalty through team-building activities. Although the health crisis that began in spring 2020 has forced us to change our habits and limit gatherings, we have continued to create opportunities to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas. For example, we launched a Euro 2021 football championship pool and got together for drinks to celebrate the prize-winners: a group made up mostly of employees who were not necessarily passionate football fans!

To ensure employee involvement in the life of the company, members from various departments (sales, quality control, production, accounting, etc.) attend quarterly cross-cutting meetings. “These meetings bring everyone up to date on company projects. They also allow individuals to get involved in cross-cutting subjects such as quality and innovation. Participants can freely express their ideas and expectations”, says Pouliquen director Gérard Quillévéré.


Building bridges between our departments

In order to optimise operations, management makes sure that all employees take a turn on the production line at least once a week. This ensures that everyone understands the function and limits of our production tools, and improves communication between departments by bringing together colleagues who would otherwise seldom see one another. This rule applies even to our Director, especially when there is a heavy workload or teams run into difficulties. All Pouliquen employees share the same goal of delivering customer satisfaction, and the entire team strives daily to reach and even exceed this objective.

If you are interested in joining our team, just send us your CV or drop by our office!