Artichaut petit violet

Artichokes Petit Violet

  • Artichaut petit violet


The purple artichoke is a variety of the large artichoke family. It is small, long and conical in shape with beautiful green and purple hues. It has the particularity of not having any choke, the tuft of hair found in its cousins, the Camus, Castel and Cardinal artichokes. It weighs about 100 g. 
It has a very refined taste and its heart is tender and soft. The purple artichoke can be eaten both cooked and raw.

Originally from the southern shores of the Mediterranean – North Africa, Egypt or Ethiopia – the artichoke arrived in Italy in the fifteenth century, then in France a century later. Subsequently, this vegetable adapted perfectly to the Breton soil and climate. It is available eight months of the year.

Cultivating the baby purple artichoke

The baby purple artichoke is transplanted in the spring (April and May) and produces two harvests. The first harvest is at the end of the year and the second in the spring of the following year. As with all the artichokes we distribute, the baby purple artichoke is harvested entirely by hand. 
The producers pack the artichokes themselves, in crates of 24–54 heads.
It can also be harvested as a “bouquet” and is marketed under the name “Poivrade”.

Our producers

More than 500 Prince de Bretagne producers grow artichokes. These producers work within the SICA and Les Maraîchers d’Armor cooperatives and have much expertise in growing artichokes. This is reflected in the quality of the vegetables that the Pouliquen Group distributes.

Types of packing:

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Sales Unit


Diameter or weight / head

Wieght or sales unit / box

Box size (cm)

No. of boxes / pal 80×120

No. of boxes / pal 100×120


54 heads

80-100 g

54 – 4.5kg

Cardboard 40x30x15



44 heads

90-140 g

44 – 5 kg

34 heads

130-190 g

34 – 5 kg

24 heads

180-250 g

24 – 5 kg

Bunch or Poivrade

44 / 54 heads

12 ou 15 bunch

6.5 kg

Wood 60x40x20