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Organic Green Cauliflowers

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Organic green cauliflower is an heirloom variety that has been neglected for many years in favour of white cauliflower. Now back on the shelves and popular with consumers, green cauliflower has all the characteristics of white cauliflower. The head is composed of a ball with dense, tightly packed grains protected by large green leaves.
It owes its natural green colour to the presence of chlorophyll, which gives it a very mild flavour.

Cultivating organic green cauliflower 

The organic green cauliflower is planted by hand during the winter. It is harvested by hand from March to September. In order to harvest the vegetables when ripe, our Prince de Bretagne partner producers visit the fields multiple times. This selection process enables us to guarantee the highest quality of each cauliflower harvested.

Green cauliflower, like all the brassica varieties, appreciates the mild, humid climate of Northern Brittany. Frost is extremely rare and the growing season starts earlier than in other regions of France. The soil provides the cauliflower with all the nutrients it needs to grow. The richness of the Breton soil gives the vegetables a high quality flavour and very good nutritional properties.

Organic green cauliflowers are packed directly in the field. This limits handling and guarantees their quality and freshness.


Our organic producers

Pouliquen works with 151 organic producers for its organic vegetable range. All are members of Prince de Bretagne. Our partner producers growing organic green cauliflower are members of the SICA (Finistère), Les Maraîchers d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor) and Terres de Saint-Malo (Ille et Vilaine) agricultural cooperatives.All the vegetables in Pouliquen’s organic range are certified organic and Global GAP.

Production in 2020

Organic green cauliflower: 40,000 heads

Types of packing

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