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Organic White Cauliflower


Organic white cauliflower has a white ball of tightly packed florets surrounded by large green leaves. It has a dense, well-rounded shape. Each vegetable weighs 1.5 kg on average. Consumed raw or cooked, its taste is fresh and sweet.

Its name suggests that we eat the flower, but in actual fact we eat its bud, which, if left to develop, will become a flower. Cauliflower has been grown in Brittany since the nineteenth century.

Cultivating organic white cauliflower

Like all the vegetables of the brassica family, white cauliflower is particularly suited to Brittany’s mild and humid climate. Our fertile soils, rich in organic matter, ensure good development and a very high level of quality.

Organic white cauliflower is planted mechanically in midsummer and harvested by hand, depending on the variety. It is available all year round.

Manual harvesting allows producers to select the best heads when they are ripe. Organic white cauliflowers are packed directly in the field. This limits handling and guarantees their quality and freshness.


Our organic producers

Pouliquen works with 151 organic producers for its organic fresh vegetable range. Their products are AB and Global GAP certified.

Our partner producers, members of Prince de Bretagne, have a great deal of expertise in growing brassicas. Their farms are located along the coastline of a large part of Northern Brittany. This area is commonly referred to as the “golden belt”, in reference to the quality of its market garden production. The partner producers of the Pouliquen Group who grow cauliflower are members of the SICA, Les Maraîchers d’Armor and Terres de Saint-Malo agricultural cooperatives.

Production in 2020

White cauliflower: 8,800,000 heads

Types of packing for organic white cauliflower

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