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Classic tomatoes


The tomato is undoubtedly one of the species of vegetable* which has the most varieties.

“Classic tomatoes” include several types: vine, round, beef, plum (olivine), Aumônière, cocktail and cherry vine tomatoes.

*Generally, the tomato is used as a vegetable. For botanists, the tomato is a fruit because it is the result of the transformation of a flower. However, when cooking it, we usually eat it as a vegetable.

Classic tomatoes: what are the characteristics of each variety in this range?

  • The vine tomato is harvested and marketed with its stem. The sap of the stem gives off a strong perfume and makes your mouth water. The green parts of tomatoes, stems and stalks, are also good indicators of freshness. Vine tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • The round tomato has a beautiful, regular shape and a lot of flesh. This is the benchmark tomato. It is the most commonly known tomato. It can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • The beef (or beefsteak) tomato is a large, firm, full-fleshed tomato. This variety is not very juicy, so it is perfect for cooking dishes such as stuffed tomatoes. It is also well suited for other recipes, used raw or cooked.
  • The plum tomato is also known as the olivine tomato. It can be recognised by its oval shape. Like the beef tomato, its pulp is full-fleshed and not very juicy. This variety is especially good for making sauces and coulis. It keeps its shape when cooked thanks to the density of its flesh.
  • The Aumônière is a full-bodied and gourmet tomato. Its irregular ribbed shape hides cavities that are easy to hollow out. You can eat it cooked, stuffed with rice, fresh cheese, tuna, etc. Or raw.
  • The cocktail tomato is an intermediate sized variety between the vine tomato and the cherry tomato. It has a very sweet and fruity taste. It’s perfect for salads. You can also eat it as an aperitif or during a picnic.
  • The cherry tomato is a small tomato. For some years now, it has become the ideal aperitif and is also very interesting to cook. The cherry tomato is appreciated for its sweet and sour taste.

Seasonal availability: Classic tomatoes

  • Vine tomato: all year round
  • Round, beef, cocktail, cherry and vine tomatoes: available from March to November
  • Plum and Aumônière tomatoes: available from April to November

Our producers

The eighty-five tomato producers who have worked with the Pouliquen Group for many years are members of the SICA and Les Maraîchers d’Armor agricultural cooperatives.

Types of packing:

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Box size (cm)


No. of boxes / pal 80×120

No. of boxes / pal 100×120

Round tomatoes, Beef tomatoes, Olivine and Aumonière

Cardboard box 60x40x10

6 kg



On the vine

Cardboard box


+5 fruits

5 kg



Cardboard box


+5 fruits

10 kg



Cocktail, Cherry tomatoes on the vine

Wooden box 40x30x11

3 kg