Champ de choux

Green Cabbage

  • Chou pomme vert


Green cabbage is a compact, dense, well-rounded vegetable. Its leaves have veins that give it texture. It is mainly eaten cooked and takes on the flavour of the food it is cooked with. It can also be eaten raw, sliced in a salad, for example.

Known for thousands of years, this brassica is one of the oldest vegetables of the kitchen garden. Discovered on the Atlantic coasts, this variety featured both at the farm table and in large banquets. Green cabbage is the ultimate winter vegetable. Like all brassicas, it is frost sensitive and therefore is ideally suited to the strip of coastland farmed by the Prince de Bretagne producers. Here, the temperatures are very mild all year round with high humidity

Cultivating green cabbage

They are harvested by hand from November to March. This technique allows producers to select the best heads. Green cabbages are packed immediately after harvesting to limit handling and guarantee their freshness.

Our producers 

Prince de Bretagne producers, partners of the Pouliquen Group, are expert at growing brassicas. Their farms are located along the coastline of a large part of Northern Brittany. Our producers are members of the SICA, Les Maraîchers d’Armor and Terres de Saint-Malo agricultural cooperatives.

Types of packing for green cabbage:

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Sales units / box

Box size (cm)

No. of boxes / pal 80*120

No. of boxes / pal 100*120

>1.5 kg

6 heads

Wood 60*40*20



1.2 – 1.5 kg

6 heads

< 1.2 kg

8 heads