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Brittany Pink Garlic

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Brittany pink garlic is known as “ail à bâton”. This means that its stem is hard. It is known for its spicy taste. Pink garlic gets its name from the colour of its outer skin, which is the only one kept by the producers after cleaning the garlic bulbs. This outer skin allows the pinkish colour of the garlic to be seen through it.
Pink garlic has a very good shelf life. If stored in a cool and dry place, you can use it for several months without losing its taste or nutritional qualities.

Cultivating the Brittany pink garlic

Pink garlic is planted exclusively by hand in December and January. It is harvested by hand and in bulk. The producers then clean and pack the garlic cloves. Pink garlic is available in plaits, bags, baskets, bulk or in nets.
This variety is available from September to January.

Our Brittany pink garlic producers

The Pouliquen Group is the official distributor of Prince de Bretagne vegetables. It works with about fifteen producers of this variety. These producers are members of the SICA (Finistère) and Les Maraîchers d’Armor (Côtes d’Armor) cooperatives. They all enjoy long-established knowledge about cultivating these allium varieties. Their expertise guarantees premium quality products that have been carefully packed.

Types of packing

The Pouliquen Group can meet all your needs. Contact us to discuss what you are looking for.
Sizes: 40/60 – 50/70 – 60/80

Sales unit

Box Size (cm)

No. of units

Plait1 kg


7×1 kg

Plait 500 gr


12X500 gr

3 heads sachet


10×3 heads

Wooden basket 200 gr


12×200 gr

Loose 3 kg



Loose 5 kg


1×5 kg

Net Bag 5 kg

Net Tube 3 heads 40×30

12×3 T

Garlic layer tray  5 kg