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Romanesco is green like broccoli and compact in shape like cauliflower. It is a firm, tightly grained, dense, well-filled brassica. Its head is made up of pyramid-shaped florets. Its unusual shape gives it value as a decorative item. Like the cauliflower, its head is surrounded by large green leaves. Romanesco broccoli has a delicate, nutty flavour. It can be eaten raw, crunchy, or cooked, more or less soft depending on the cooking time.

Romanesco broccoli dates back to the Renaissance, but it has only been widely cultivated in the past thirty years. It is particularly common in Brittany, a region well suited to the cultivation of all brassica varieties.

Cultivating Romanesco broccoli

Do you know how to grow brassicas? Our producers are expert at growing all brassicas, including Romanesco broccoli. It is planted mechanically and harvested by hand. As with all our brassica varieties, harvesting by hand allows the producers to select the best heads. The heads are packed immediately after harvesting to ensure their freshness.The peak season for Romanesco broccoli is September to December, and the low season is January to August. This brassica is available for ten months of the year.

Our producers

Our producers are all members of Prince de Bretagne. They benefit from their long-standing expertise and a constant drive to innovate. Their farms are spread out along a strip of coastland about fifteen kilometres wide, stretching from Saint Pol de Léon (North Finistère) to Saint Malo (Ille et Vilaine). This part of France is known for its temperate, humid climate and the richness of its soil, producing vegetables of great quality and flavour.
The partner producers of the Pouliquen Group who grow Romanesco broccoli are members of the SICA, Les Maraîchers d’Armor and Terres de Saint-Malo agricultural cooperatives.

Types of packing

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Sales units / box

Box size (cm)

No. of boxes / pal 80×120

No. of boxes / pal 100×120

(15-18 cm)

6 heads




(13-16 cm)

8 heads

(11-13 cm)

11 heads