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Broccoli has a central stem which branches into small green florets. Each head of broccoli weighs between 250 g and 300 g. Its flesh can be crunchy or soft, depending on how it is cooked. It is suitable for all kinds of uses and cooking methods (soup, gratin, fried, flans, etc.).

Known in Europe for more than four centuries, broccoli has been cultivated in Brittany since the 1980s. The mild and humid climate of the region is particularly suitable for this variety and ensures a high quality product. Broccoli is a member of the brassica family and can be considered the ancestor of the cauliflower, a variety that is also well represented in Northern Brittany.

Cultivating of broccoli

The peak season for broccoli is June to October. It is planted mechanically in winter and harvested by hand. This harvesting method allows producers to select the heads at the best moment of their development, thus ensuring the optimal quality of the vegetable. Broccoli is packed in bulk when harvested in the field, and then repacked at the cooperative according to the customer’s wishes: in bulk, in ice, in freshness bags, etc.

Our producers:

Prince de Bretagne producers growing broccoli are members of the SICA or Les Maraîchers d’Armor cooperatives. Their expertise and experience guarantee that you will receive quality products, grown with respect for the land. The many brassica varieties are cultivated by 1,050 Prince de Bretagne producers.

Types of packing:

The Pouliquen Group can meet all your needs.
We can meet your demands and pack the vegetables in bulk, in ice, in freshness bags, etc.
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Presentation  Sales units / box Box size (cm) No. of boxes / pal 80×120 No. of boxes / pal 100×120
Freshness sachet 10 heads Cardboard 60x40x120 44 55
12 heads Cardboard 60x40x120 44 55
Loose and freshness bag 5 kg Wood 40x40x20 66
5 kg Cardboard 60x40x17 52 65
6 kg Cardboard 60x40x17 44 55
8 kg Cardboard 60x40x20 44 55
Iced 6 kg Polystyrene 60x40x22 40 50
5 kg Wood 40x40x20 66
8 kg Wood 40x40x20 44 55