'Tis the season for artichoke, romanesco cauliflower and green cauliflower!

It’s time once again for Pouliquen to introduce these 3 emblematic north-Breton vegetables. As summer winds to a close, artichoke petit violet, romanesco caulliflower and green cauliflower will soon take pride of place on vegetable stalls and in the kitchen.


Sun and rain: the perfect ingredients for high-quality artichokes and brassicas

Although Brittany’s rainy weather has few fans among summer tourists, the vegetables here can’t get enough of it. Summer 2021 had some lovely sunny days sprinkled with just enough showers to ensure the optimal growth of outdoor vegetable crops. Temperatures ranged from 20–25°C, sparing the plants from the effects of heatwaves. Artichokes, romanesco cauliflower and green cauliflower are going to be a good size this year. Rainfall in August helped the green cauliflower and romanesco cauliflower develop well-formed heads with a good weight.

Artichoke petit violet also appreciated this mild and wet summer. This variety will reach peak production around 10th September.


Available sizes:

· Artichoke Petit Violet : 24/34/44/54 heads

· Green cauliflower: 6 and 8 heads

· Romanesco cauliflower: 6 and 8 heads


Large volumes available

Pouliquen specialises in the export of these 3 products to the Italian and Spanish markets. As an official Prince de Bretagne distributor, we’ve held contracts with Breton producers for many years. The expertise of our partner growers combined with Pouliquen’s logistical capacity enables us to offer our customers the freshest and best-quality products. Thanks to our proximity and experience, we can also guarantee them access to large volumes of vegetables at attractive prices.


Logistics and packing

Pouliquen makes next-day or 48-hour shipments 7 days a week to Italy and Spain. We fulfil diverse orders, from mixed pallets to full trucks.

Artichoke petit violet, romanesco cauliflower and green cauliflower are packed in Prince de Bretagne crates, and we can also discuss your special packing and packaging requests. Contact us for more information.


Team favourites

This month, 3 of our colleagues told us about their favourite vegetable.

Gérard Quillévéré, Director of Pouliquen, chose the romanesco for its unusual spiral shape and bright green colour. Romanesco cauliflower is a firm vegetable with large, densely-packed florets and a delicate flavour with a hint of hazelnut. It’s just as delicious eaten raw and crunchy as it is when cooked and tender.

Stéphanie Della Schiava, sales representative for Southern Europe and Italian market specialist, prefers the artichoke petit violet, with its eye-catching blend of purple and green. Perhaps it’s caught your eye, too! It has the particularity of not having any choke, the tuft of hair found in its cousins, the Camus, Castel and Cardinal artichokes. The artichoke petit violet has a subtle flavour and a tender, juicy heart.

Julie Sousset, the newest addition to our sales team and responsible for the Spanish, British and Eastern European markets, is partial to the green cauliflower. A relative newcomer to the market, this cauliflower variety offers the same flavour as its cousin, the white cauliflower, but adds a splash of colour to vegetable displays and dishes.


Which vegetable will take the blue ribbon at your table this autumn?